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Webinar: Restaurant Association of New Zealand - Food Safety Updates - Are You Prepared?

Webinar: Chomp and Restaurant Association New Zealand

Join our CEO & Co-Founder, Paul Wilson, in an informative webinar hosted by Restaurant Association of New Zealand. Paul will take a deep dive into food safety within the hospitality industry, covering the latest changes and strategies to build a strong food safety culture.

Understanding the changes and developing a strong food safety culture

Topics covered:
  1. Understanding the Changes: Paul will discuss the recent changes in food safety regulations, providing insights into what businesses need to be aware of. From updated guidelines to emerging best practices, this session will be a valuable insight into the evolving landscape of food safety.
  2. Developing a Food Safety Culture: A strong food safety culture is the backbone of every successful hospitality establishment. Paul will share strategies and real-life examples on how businesses can foster a culture of food safety within their organizations. From employee training to implementing rigorous protocols, learn the essential elements of building a robust food safety culture.
About Paul:

Paul Wilson, CEO of Chomp has spent the previous 35 years working in tourism and hospitality. Paul arrived in Queenstown in 2002 and was the GM of Skycity Casino before opening a Hell Pizza franchise in Queenstown in 2006.

It was this experience that introduced Paul to many hands-on facets of hospitality, including food safety. In 2012, Paul became involved in the Voluntary Implementation Program for trialing the soon to be Food Safety Act 2014. Paul quickly realised that pen and paper was not working for him or his team when it came to records required under the programme. Paul launched Chomp Food Safety in March 2016, which is now used in 4 countries around the world.