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Team Chomp

Built for hospitality, by hospitality people.

With our hospitality, product and problem-solving experience, we knew food safety compliance could be simple and easy, so we created Chomp.

The first digital food safety tool in New Zealand, we're helping kitchens across Australia and New Zealand to be audit-ready.


Meet the team

Paul Wilson

Managing Director & Co-founder

Paul is a hospitality professional of 35 years, who is constantly looking for ways to add value to the industry and the people who make it hum. Paul has been acknowledged by MPI for his contribution to food safety.


Irik Anderson

Technical Director & Co-founder

Irik is our Technical Director and Co-founder of Chomp. He has 25+ years of hands-on product development experience and has delivered many successful products to the market, helping lead companies from startup to global success.


Jen Mitchell

Customer Success

Jen has a strong background in compliance and guiding people through tricky situations. Problem solving is her strength and Jen goes the extra mile for her clients to ensure they succeed.


Nicolle Marshall

Sales Manager

Nicolle loves hospitality and is genuinely interested in the journeys of the people she meets. Having vast experience in hospitality and sales, Nicolle loves showcasing Chomp to new clients.


Carleen Dalton

Customer Success

Carleen is busy following up on client contacts, making new connections and is the oil that keeps the engine running. Carleen loves her clients and is rewarded by their success.


Jen-Ni Quante

Marketing Manager

Jen-Ni has extensive experience in sales and marketing primarily in hospitality and IT. Passionate about innovation, technology and excellent customer experiences, Jen-Ni loves bringing brands to life.


Tim Lewis


Tim has significant experience in tech startups and growing companies. He is a lateral thinker and enjoys problem solving and designing solutions to improve customer engagement.

Michael Cox

Lead Developer

It’s likely that the tools you engage with on Chomp were designed by Mike. He has amazing focus, understanding and passion, ensuring the user experience is top of mind.

Neil Templeton

Accounts and administration

Numbers are Neil’s thing. He's passionate about making sure Chomp is operating successfully while ensuring our customers have access to great tool at a great price.


Rachel Evans


Rachel looks after the wellbeing of our wonderful team and also ensures we have the right systems and processes in place to run efficiently.