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Get a Taste of Chomp: Your Digital Solution for Food Safety


At Chomp, we're shaking up the hospitality industry and changing the way kitchens manage food safety. Our digital food safety system is designed to simplify the process, making sure that your food safety plan is not only comprehensive but also easy to implement.

Key Benefits of Chomp's Food Safety App

Easy to use

We've prioritised simplicity. From creating and managing food safety plans to real-time monitoring, we've made Chomp intuitive and user-friendly.

Audit ready

Audit reports are generated at the click of a button and can be sent to an auditor at any time allowing for  remote verifications if required.

Time & Cost Efficiencies

Embrace the future of food safety. Say goodbye to traditional paperwork and hello to a more efficient and eco-friendly approach. Our digital food safety platform simplifies the management food safety saving time and money. 


Stay one step ahead of potential issues with our management dashboard. See what's happening in real-time to address concerns promptly, ensuring the highest standards of safety at all times.


Book a personalised Zoom meeting with us to explore how Chomp Food Safety can improve your food safety practices.